Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am really in  love with skater skirts nowadays. In fact, I already have 6 and I bought it all online. Hahaha. I love online shopping. Skater skirt is so versatile that I can wear it with a simple shirt, sleeveless, polo, heels, sandals or doll shoes. I'll post more outfits soon wearing my other skater skirts! :)

Photo with my sister/photographer/adviser/enemy/bestfriend haha joke! Love you ! Mwah!  :*

I love neon orange. You can/will notice it with my past/future blog posts.  I don't know but I think it makes my skin looks fairer (or feeling ko lang?) .

I bought it from an online shop in Instagram. The name of the shop is fashionfeveronline. Try to visit their online shop for their products. They have affordable tops, skirts and shorts. :)


Top: Landmark Trinoma
Arm candies: Divisoria
Shoes: Parisian

Photos taken by: Alec Justine Dimaano

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