Monday, June 10, 2013

Floral, Studs and Ombre

Wore this outfit last May 28 at Isay's birthday!  I decided to wear this summer hanging top from Vetus shop that I bought a month ago because I know that I will have a hard time using it this rainy season. I partnered it with my very own Ombre studded shorts and my favorite studded sandals. If you will browse my older posts, you can see that I frequently use this sandals from Charles and Keith because it's so versatile.

I created this ombre studded shorts myself. If you have questions how, you can ask me through Facebook, LookbookTwitterTumblrInstagram and on Bloglovin.  You can visit this online shop (Monster Wallets) for different classes of studs and spikes. They also sell wallets, pouches and bags with different cool prints. :)

Mirror shot! :)

Top: vetus shop
Watch: Bench
Sandals: Charles and Keith

Photos taken by: Alec Justine Dimaano

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  1. nice look, i definitely like the shorts :)

    1. Thanks! I made that shorts. Glad you liked it. :) <3


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