Sunday, January 6, 2013

Swim, swim, swim! :)

These photos were taken last January 3, 2013. Our family went to Carino Resort at Punturin. The place is so great. There are so many trees and flowers plus the pool and a rest house. It's so perfect for a family gathering. Try to go and rent the place. :)

Trying to do the "dani pose" :)
Feel na feel ang pag-nganga

Me and my ever loving sister. :)

The very cute Isay wearing her two-piece. Nice say! :)
Me, Tita Egay, Apple, and Bianca. They were my Bingo playmates that time.  :)

This is the rest house.

Bath time with these girls! Trying to show off our bathing suits. 


(TOP: SM Department store, SHORTS: Jewels, SLIPPERS: Rider, a gift from Tita Phop and Tito Sammy, BAG: Abercrombie and Fitch, EARRINGS&NECKLACE: Bought it at Divi, HAIR CLIP: Pinkbox )

Photos taken by: Alec Justine Dimaano

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