Monday, August 12, 2013

Corporate Attire

We have subject "Seminar Workshop Program" where in students are required to make a classroom-based seminar. Our group decided to have a dress color code for the event
 so that attendees can distinguish who are the event organizers. We chose black and white. I have 2 outfit choices: Blazer with peplum dress and Long sleeves with Pencil Cut Skirt. I am sharing these outfit post so that you guys can have a little idea on how to wear a corporate attire. Here are the basic tips I can give you:
1. Wear shoes with heels. 
2. Do not wear too sexy outfit like sleeveless, mini skirts, see through blouses or short shorts. 
3. Wear proper accessories. Do not wear too many bling blings.

By the way, on the seminar itself, I wore Longsleeves and Pencil Cut skirt. It is more comfortable. :)

Photos taken by: Alec Justine Dimaano

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